White Ribbon Against Pornography (WRAP) Week: The Kick-off

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WRAP 300x138 White Ribbon Against Pornography (WRAP) Week: The Kick offFitting that a week dedicated to uncovering the evils that pornography brings to the world would start on Halloween, the day when all the ghouls and ghosts come out of the closet. The White Ribbons Against Pornography (WRAP) Week – October 31th, to November 7th – is a week where concentrated effort is placed into educating the public about the extent that pornography has infested the very roots of our culture and how the rotting that occurs there can fall even the strongest looking family, community, state or nation. It is also about standing up and fighting back.

WRAP week creates a useful opportunity for clergy to raise the issue of pornography within the Church, and to call all Christians to renewed lives of sexual purity. It is a great time for those who have kept their struggles with porn secret to think about how to share for the first time. It is also a great time to get informed about just how bad the problem is and both protect and prepare yourself against the flood that will almost inevitably get someone you love wet at some point.

During this important week, a groups like The King’s Men, Morality in Media & others call upon all brothers and sisters in Christ to pray and fast in solidarity for those throughout the country who need help recognizing and doing something about pornography in their lives and in their communities. We are all connected through our common divinity & when one suffers we all suffer. Conversely, when one takes a stand, we all gain strength.

If porn has touched your life in any way, I invite you to take some time this week to think about how your experience can help others. You may feel to share your story for the first time with someone you love. Or you may be impressed to make up a flier and share it with those in your neighborhood or fellow church goers. You are unique in all the world and God has a way just as tailored to take your experience and talents and speak through them to help others avoid pornography’s dangers or escape from its grasp. Whatever it is, just follow that quiet voice inside and you will be participant to miracles!

If you have not yet seen the effects of pornography in your life or the lives of those you love, please take a moment to put aside any fears that you may have and take a look at the costs that its having on society. You may wish to look into what to do to help keep it out of your home or what to do when you discover that you or someone you love is being tricked by its enticing pull. Chances are good that you already know someone who is starting down that path, but that secrecy shrouds their deeds.

Whatever your situation, please do SOMETHING this week to bring light to this dark area of our society. At the very least, help us spread the word by sending the WRAP Facebook Event to friends and family.

Take courage. There is ALWAYS hope.


How Porn Has Affected Me

To kick off this week I will soon be sharing a bit about how porn has affected my life. Please feel free to post video comments, share your story as well, or send it to others. Please also share any experiences you have this week that can bring hope to others.

May God continue to bless all of your efforts and give you the courage you need to fight what is one of Satan’s greatest weapons in his quest to destroy marriage, the family and the Body of Christ today!!!


Helpful Resources To Help Inform, Support & Fight


  • Sign up for Destination Freedom & hear interviews from professionals, authors, scientists and from those who have overcome
  • The Social Cost of Pornography: Experts psychiatry, psychology, neurophysiology, philosophy, sociology, law, and political theory examine the real nature of pornography in its moral and social consequences.
  • Porn Harms: This site is dedicated to providing the most accurate peer-reviewed research on the harm from pornography, along with relevant news and opinion.
  • Press Release from Media Matters: Obscenity is not protected by Free Speech Amendment
  • Shelley Lubben



  • Pray & consider some way to share with others the importance of this work
  • What’s that Purple Building, Daddy?” documentary of how ordinary citizens protected their community from the selling of pleasure.

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