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Sex Addiction Help

January 11th, 2010

In the wake of an ever increasingly sexualized mass media many are finding that the presented images of “free love” or sex without attachment are powerfully deceptive, a destroyer in disguise.

Because in each one of us lays a sacred and strong sex drive, we often fall prey to the reckless philosophy of “do what feels good” or “eat, drink and be merry.” However, these age old body worship practices are just as devastating as they were back then when they were thought up. For you see, all action carries consequences and many without even realizing this fully are now finding they need sex addiction help.

If you or someone you love are in this place of frustration know that you are not alone. There are many who can help and many that have once again gained control of their passions that they lift and serve rather than bleach and burn.

Several things can help you come to a place where you’re prepared to overcome your sex addiction. No one breaks free until they decide to and decision without determination and action is empty. So let’s get you ready to succeed!

First, in the course of your addiction you may have come to believe that you’re stupid, dumb, a loser, a pervert, a lost cause, a sicko or any other number of falsehoods. Remember, you were a son or daughter of God before you were an “addict.” You were put here for a specific purpose and that purpose included amongst other things to overcome all challenges put before you. Remember that God only asks of us what he’s willing to provide. He’ll make a way and this because you are divine and have infinite worth and potential.

Second, you may have also come to believe that you are alone. This reminds me of Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix. If you, as Harry did, start to believe that you’re all alone, it will be much easier for the “Dark Lord” to destroy you. There are three important ways that you’re never alone: 1. You’re not the only ones who know how we feel. 2. You are not the only one affect by your sexual addiction. And 3. You’re not alone in having to climb out of the hole you’re in. We all need others!

Third, you may through countless broken personal promises, have concluded that you’re not able to break free. While addictions break down our capacity to change, it’s not true that we have no choice. You always have a choice! Even if those choices and actions are small at first, as we make consistent effort over time we’ll regain our ability and confidence to act according to our innermost values.

If you’re addicted to sex or sexual behavior, use these tips to prepare you to receive help from professionals. Another powerful way to break the chains of addiction is to learn about addiction in the brain.

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Stop Porn Addiction

December 23rd, 2009

Trying to stop a porn addiction? It’s been frustrating hasn’t it? You’ve made promise after promise to yourself and others that you’d never do it again…and yet you did. If you have found your way here I’m extremely pleased and excited for you. Because here is where you’ll find hope, gain confidence and learn the way to stop a porn addiction!

Before I invite you to get some free information and powerful podcasts I will go over a few of the principles I consider to be a necessary foundation for stopping an addiction to pornography.

Principle 1: There is a God and he loves you infinitely. To understand that there is a being who knows where I have been, how I feel and the circumstances of how I got into this place is good, but then also to know that I am his child and thus have infinite potential and capability and strength is amazing! He loves us and thus we may know that any thoughts or feelings that cut us down and tell us we’re no good are not from him.

Principle 2: We have a choice. Many have come to a believe, as I did at times, that having an addiction means that I have no choice in the matter. There is always a choice! Though urges and feelings of acting out most likely have grown stronger by acting on them, we always have a choice. Often when we indulge in porn viewing we have let ourselves believe we have no choice or it’s too strong. Use your agency wisely and your capacity to make proper choices will increase. Abuse that gift by rationalizations and that too will become easier.

Principle 3: There is always hope! Hope isn’t something that ever goes away. While we may turn away and thus not see it, it’s always nearby. Admitting our true situation may be scary, but only by doing so can we assess the scene rightly and lay the foundation to move on.

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear,” says an ancient Chinese proverb. If you’re ready to learn how to break a porn addiction put your name and email in the form to the right for powerful tools and education to make your promises to yourself finally last.

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