Sexual Addictions Are Spiritual

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create first in spirit then matter Sexual Addictions Are Spiritual

We create first in spirit, then in matter.

Sexual addictions spiritual? The next question could possibly be some variation of “are you also attending Narcotics Anonymous? Because it sure sounds like you’re smoking something.

This week I was reading from the White Book, S.A.’s version of the Alcoholic’s Anonymous Big Book. I never cease to find quiet wisdom in those pages. Therein is a section The Spiritual Process.

No, it’s not a discourse in how to find deeper meaning in sexual fulfillment. It actually paints a picture of what I would call the spiritual creation of addiction, the core premise being that we first create in spirit (or mind/heart) that which manifests itself in our behaviors.

For a long time I thought that my problem was pornography or masturbation, but the problem was something deeper. My problem isn’t even lust. As someone said last week in group, “My problem is in living a life without lust.” Basically meaning that lust has come to be our way of coping with the world around us.

Part of the spiritual creation of addiction consists of disconnecting in some way from those around us. We begin by disengaging, taking offense, holding onto hurt we incur during our everyday experiences with those around us. Holding onto an injury (even if it’s only perceived) can set us against others, creating a defensive posture. Resentment can lead to a rebellious attitude, aggressive or passive, and before we know it we are so self consumed that it’s hard to even see the way out.

Each time I create something spiritually, in my mind & heart, each time I hold onto resentment, I am building a future case for myself, a future excuse/rationale to act out & use sexuality to cope with my struggles. When I turn away from others and towards myself, I am building a future behavior.

That said, the spiritual creation process goes both ways. I absolutely LOVED this short TED talk that emphasized the importance of spiritually creating each day by stopping to acknowledge our gratitude and successes. I hope you love it as much as I did! Let me know in the comments what YOU do to create good in your life.


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