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JD nightline promo250 Jonathan Daugherty of Be Broken MinistriesFrom the very moment that Jonathan Daugherty was shown a pornographic magazine behind his friend’s house as a child he was hooked. But that’s not the only thing that stayed with him. Guilt too lingered. Secret upon secret he built for himself a prison in which he remained for 13 years. It wasn’t until he risked being vulnerable and opened the light to shine into some dark corners of his life that he was given the key to open the door to his cage.

The interesting thing that Jonathan brings up in his book Secrets, is that he not only was keeping his experience with pornography & acting out sexually secret, but others things too. The death of his father and others were some of the experiences that he kept stuffed inside. Jonathan talks about the importance of opening up. He shares about the biggest struggle for him, that 12 inch journey from his head to his heart. He talks about what makes porn so dangerous and gives his take on masturbation, whether or not it’s a sin. In that last conversation he also addresses the nature of sin to give it a little more meaning, tearing away the common fears or distaste we have for the word.

Join us as we take an exciting journey with the brave Jonathan Daugherty:

Full Honest Answers Interview with Jonathan Daugherty

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I highly recommend Jonathan’s book called Secrets. It comes with a free audio of him reading the book. Hear Jonathan tell more of  his story. Hear and read Jonathan’s wife’s side of things. Learn more about the workshops his ministry offers or listen more to Jonathan on Pure Sex Radio.

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