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jon snyder Jon Snyder of MightyManManual.comI can relate on some level to Jon Snyder of Trying solution after solution Jon became frustrated with his continuing addiction to pornography & lust. It wasn’t until Jon “gave up” and fully let God start from scratch with him that he was able to see the way clearly. Jon talks about being “saved” when in college, but is quick to clarify that being saved was only the beginning of his journey to freedom. What it meant for him was that now he acknowledged that he had a partner in his journey of life, Christ.

When Jon gave up trying to solve his shortcomings by himself he was led on a truly magnificent journey. I can guarantee that if you’re struggling with pornography you’re gonna want to hear what Jon has to say, especially if you are finding that you’re running in circles. Speaking to the

Jon takes the time to share his incredible story and answer the following questions on the Honest Answers Podcast:

  1. What do you think is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing that EVERY person struggling and addicted needs to know?
  2. In the Mighty Man Manual, you talk about “real freedom” what does that look like and how does a person get there?
  3. How would you tell the men listening to get started on that path to freedom?

I liked what Jon had to say! What Now?

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I realize that there are some who do not come from a Christian background. If so, please don’t exclude the possibility learning from Jon’s experience. It’s very powerful and you may just find what you need. Jon has “co-created” the Mighty Man Ministry through inspiration to help men from all walks of life live powerful lives of purity through Christ. You can grab his Mighty Man Manual or check out his free gift.

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